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Wild Circus is a contemporary circus arts company that offers social circus workshops and visually captivating circus performances. We specialize in inventive live performances and the creative use of geometrical shapes to perform our circus acts.

The founder of the company Anna St├ępanoff, is social work trained and has worked as a social worker doing youth work prior to setting up the company. she sees a service gap in that children and youths are often not given the opportunities to express themselves through alternative means. Thus, Wild Circus was set up in 2014. The company has since worked with more than 2000 under-privileged children and youths from a broad spectrum of settings, residential homes, special needs schools, Normal(Technical) Stream students from mainstream schools and certain underprivileged communities overseas in asia, africa and europe.


  Adult Child under 12 years Group School
Weeks off Wednesday $29 $19 $86 $110
Weekend and Wednesday $35 $25 $100 $120

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